For the past two weeks, I've been on my Holidays. Details of places will come later (which I hope will help anyone thinking of where they might go). You can see my other travel reports here, with each country subcategorised. This isn't a definitive list, obviously there have been places which I never wrote about (e.g. our trip to California, Utah, Arizona etc).

What about this trip? Well, it was a road trip, we drove to the south of France - and when we arrived we learned that half of the UK was flooded out - and that east of Europe is burning. Americans watching the news about Europe might think that the whole place is way too hazardous right now! It really isn't (but then, how many Americans watch news about Europe?)

Anyhow, a quick itinerary.

On Day 1, we got over the channel, and had some fun with confused bookings. We got to Abbeville late that night. On Day 2, we drove to Brittany, staying there for 2 days. On Day 3, we looked at some sights in Brittany, such as Mont St. Michel and Mont Dol. This is a region that I'd visited before on my own. On Day 4, we drove down to La Rochelle and visited the aquarium there. On Day 5, we explored La Rochelle. It doesn't take very long. On Day 6, we drove to the Pyrenees, we stayed in a house with someone Monica knows from Work, her bloke and his friend. They're keen cyclists, and so most days would cycle up a couple of Cols, e.g. 60km trips with several vertical kilometres in there. On Day 7, we drove around the area On Day 8, we stood by a roadside just after the final col for the Tour de France (stage 15). We watched some fast cyclists. We watched clouds from above as they filled a valley. On Day 9, we climbed followed some mountain trails near Gavarnie, with a fair amount of up, and an equal amount of down again (albeit with a much more horizontal component). On Day 10, we went in a cablecar and saw some Llamas. On Day 11, we drove to the Loire Valley. This was a long drive, but I could have kept going. On Day 12, we visited Blois, we saw a magic show and a château. On Day 13, we drove to Boulogne, getting a little confused around Paris. This was a relatively short drive, that wasn't over soon enough. I could have stopped earlier. We stopped in Marquise, a small town near Boulogne. On Day 14, we took the boat back to blighty, picked up the cats, spent 15 minutes swearing at my router which was playing up after having no power for a while, and wrote this.

Our route (minus most of the excursions whilst actually at our destinations) is shown on this google map, it'll take a little while to load as it's a big route. This is the direct link. Note that I've added waymarkers simply to force the route to go a particular path - e.g. to go to a particular hotel, or to take into account where we missed a turn (e.g. Paris). Should new roads open, the detail may change.