Heroes coming to BBC2

The excellent Heroes is to begin on BBC2 from Wednesday, 25th July. This has been showing on the SciFi channel, and it's a really good series. The essential premise is that ordinary people are getting super-powers. Some are screw-ups. Some don't know how to handle them. Some try to deny their powers. They are each acting separately, but gradually come together, often with conflicting agendas.

There is no Spandex.

The concept behind the series is that the cast gradually changes and evolves (pardon the pun). I.e. nobody is 'safe', new characters come in, old characters leave, or get killed off. Starting next year, in the hiatus period (in the US, they break long series for some strange reason), there will be a series called 'origins', which showcases new characters from around the globe. Popular characters will appear in the main series.

This is a huge series in the US, and it has the potential to be so over here (now it's hitting a mainstream channel). Give it a go, it really is worth it.

A world tour of Heroes has been announced, which will visit London, Paris, Munich, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and others.. London will be the weekend of Thurs 30th August to Saturday 1st September.