Site Updates

I've tweaked and prodded the site this morning:

  • When in a category view, you should see the parent categories and subcategories listed at the top of the page
  • Category views only show excerpts (to keep things lean)
  • The categories have been moved about a bit within their hierarchy (this is to allow for a future template change I'm considering)
  • When reading a single post, previous posts in that category are listed underneath
  • Any comments I make are styled differently - it should be possible to style regular commenters specially as well, ask if you'd like me to try (hmm... perhaps I could even have a user icon for regular commenters)
  • I think I've got the excerpt thing worked out, and will try to remember it if I discuss spoilers for TV shows. I will test it after this list

If I've broken anything, please do let me know. Similarly, if something doesn't work the way you expect, or like, I'd like to hear that too - though I may not be able to fix it immediately (or at all!) it'll go on the list.