People unaware of food origins.

So far, so traditional. People don't know where there food comes from according to a survey. I was expecting an article saying things like 'people couldn't tell you exactly what goes into bread', but instead it was '22% of 1,073 adults questioned did not know bacon and sausages originate from farms' and 'four in 10 people did not know yoghurt is made using farm produce, nearly half were unaware the raw ingredients for beer start off in farmers' fields and 23% did not know bread's main ingredients came from the farm.' The ignorance here is amazing, do people really think that stuff magically appears at Tesco?

Of course, it all depends how the question is phrased. If the question is 'where does your bread come from?' then 'Tesco' is a reasonable response. As is 'Hovis'. If it's 'from this list, please tick the items whose ingredients come from a farm' - that's a different matter.

Personally, I find it very hard indeed to think of any food item that doesn't begin life as a plant or animal in some way. In fact, I find myself unable to do so.

Update: There is another piece on this topic:

"We have parents walking around whose children ask what certain animals are, but the adults don't know," she says.

"Some parents see our piebald ponies, which are black and white, and think they're cows."