Passport Costs Rise Again

Via No2ID, we learn that the cost of passports are due to rise again. Much of this rise is connected to the fact that the ID card database is being tied in with passports, thus making the ID card appear cheaper than it really is.

According to the Daily Mail:

The cost of a British passport is to rise for the third time in less than two years, ministers announced today.

Charges for a standard 10-year adult passport will increase from £66 to £72 in October.

Until December 2005 the travel document cost £42, meaning that when the new fees are introduced there will have been a 70 per cent rise in just 22 months.

Writing about a previous price rise in the Daily Telegraph in November 2005, Philip Johnston made the link to the spiraling cost of the ID card programme, and reminded us that:

… when Labour took office in 1997 and a standard 10-year adult document was £18.

In other words, the price the government charges for a passport has exactly quadrupled in 10 years.

You don't have to wait for your existing passport to expire. If you renew now, you'll have up to 9 months from your existing passport added on. With the price rise (with more rises expected), you're at break even, even if you have some years to go - add on the benefit of not having to get the ID card and it's worth doing.