Menzies Campbell on Civil Liberties

The LibDem reader has written today on the future of civil liberties in the UK

Civil liberties are not an indulgence or an affectation: they act as guarantors for the personal freedoms that we enjoy and often take for granted. That is why many of them are also enshrined in internationally recognised human rights and national constitutions.

Labour's assault on civil liberties has been comprehensive and determined.

The Blair years have been marked by a fevered desire to appear "tough" rather than to make good and necessary laws. The right to protest, the presumption of innocence, and the principle of no detention without charge have all been undermined.

Two years ago, Tony Blair said that the world's most powerful countries "will not allow violence to change our societies or our values". In truth, he has done exactly that. Too many of our hard won freedoms have been lost. They will not be easy to recover: the challenge is Mr Brown's.

The film Menzies Campbell refers to is reviewed here, and its site is here, with a trailer here, and cinema listing here. I've emailed my local cinema and asked that they carry it.

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