Have Your Say: Almost Universal Common Sense about 28 days

A rare thing has happened, in that Common Sense seems to have prevailed on the BBC 'Have Your Say' board about some of John Reid's recent 'bright ideas'. - which are actually rehashes of Clarke and Blunkett eroding the protections we have against being falsely accused by the state. It's rare when this happens....

Jason Jones said:

ID cards, Tracking devices in cars, reduced civil liberties, phone tapping and 90 days.

Once we agree to these, even with the best of intentions, we cannot cry foul when they are used against us instead of for us.

and an ex-policeman said:

As an ex police officer serving in London when PIRA was active on the mainland and when the genuine level of terrorist threat was at least the equal of that today.I seem to recall that we managed with legislation that permitted a maximum of 7 days detention without charge for terrorist suspects. If there was credible evidence subsequent detention could be authorised via a Magistrates Court.

Don said:

Historically the greatest threat to the population of a country has always been their own government and fellow citizens. Look at the abuses committed by the european dictatorships in the last century against their own populations.

Sure, 9/11 was nothing to be sniffed at. But compared to what can be done by an abusive government with the wrong powers, it's a teddy bear's picnic.

"Only those with something to hide need fear". What chilling words.