Crime: Carrying a concealed Chemistry Set

The world has gone mad. Via Pharyngula, we arrive at memepunks, where we learn that more than half the states in the US require registration in order to buy Chemistry Equipment.

This is in a country where one can buy a handgun with the baked beans.

In an attempt to curb the production of crystal meth, more than 30 states have now outlawed or require registration for common lab equipment. In Texas, you need to register the purchase of Erlenmeyer flasks or three-necked beakers. The same state where I do not have to register a handgun, forces me to register a glass beaker. In Portland, Oregon, even pH strips are suspect.


Checking the above source, we find the following items on the list:

(A) a condenser;
Otherwise known as 'one pipe inside of another'
(B) a distilling apparatus;
A container which is heated and has a long spout with some 'stuff' in it
(G) a filter, Buchner, or separatory funnel;
Erm... a funnel? Okay, it's a funnel with a sieve in it, but still...
(H) an Erlenmeyer, two-neck, or single-neck flask;
Of course, one couldn't make Crystal meth in any other shape of bottle....
(I) a round-bottom, Florence, thermometer, or filtering flask;
Thermometer? Really?
(K) a transformer;
I've got several of these. One is charging the mobile, another is in my computer's power supply

The memepunks article quotes Bill Nye:

"People who want to make meth will find ways to do it that don't require an Erlenmeyer flask. But raising a generation of people who are technically incompetent is a recipe for disaster." says Bill Nye.

With religion of all stripes on the march, and the apparently increasing antipathy to the scientific method, I do sometimes wonder if we're due for a dark age within the next century or two...