Cash For Honours

Now that Brown has settled in, I wonder idly.... Whatever happened to that Cash for Honours dossier? I did a quick search, and learned the following:

  1. Brown chose yesterday to release the details of donations to his leadership campaign. I wonder what he needed a campaign for. After all, he was unopposed!
  2. An American Porn Star was flown to London yesterday as part of the investigation, though unfortunately for the gossip columnists: [Scotland Yard] spoke to her in person but [police] decided she did not have anything of interest to say so she was not formally interviewed. In effect, she was time wasting.
  3. The Birmingham Post, in an article primarily about the renumeration of the PM, looks at the History of Cash for Honours: 'Throughout the first half of the 20th century politicians routinely accepted subsidies from wealthy backers. The newspaper magnate Lord Beaverbrook funded several, including one Prime Minister - and Nye Bevan was unusual in refusing the Beaver's offer of a country home.'

It'll be interesting to see how the Cash for Honours affair progresses. Brown has resisted appointing Lord Levy, who has recently been rebailed.