Blue Man Group

Tonight, we went to see the Blue Man Group in London. It is closing down this month (on the 24th) and so it was a case of 'now or never' (assuming they don't tour it!) It really is a great show. Very funny, hard to explain. Very visual. Very weird. We were sitting in the second row (plastic ponchos were provided, but not needed).

I came very close to catching a marshmallow in my mouth, but these guys can play 'chubby bunnies' at 10 paces (they can, honestly!)

It's a phenomenal show, great percussion, great visuals. Very funny too. There was a lovely bit with waste pipes that was very inventive, and I loved the drumming with the coloured liquids.

I want to go again!

If you can get to see it, you really should take the opportunity.

Monica meets a Blue Man