Banned for not committing perjury

There is a story in icCoventry about a young woman called Claire Harrison. She is a lifelong supported of Coventry RFC and worked at a kit provider called Flash UK. In a dispute between the club and Flash UK, Claire was called as a witness. As such, she was under obligation to tell the truth as she understood it. This must have posed a dilemma for her due to the conflict of interest between club and employer. She testified against the club.

A few days later, she received a letter banning her from the club ground. The club may well feel wronged (they lost the case) - but they were found to be wrong by the court (according to the story). It seems rather vindictive to target people called as witnesses.

As a result, a petition has started and people are boycotting the club.

There is a forum discussing the issue on the national league boards.

Claire Harrison quotes the letter:

Dear Miss Harrison,

Further to recent legal situation between flash uk limited and ourselves, in which you appeared on behalf against the club,I would like to state for the record that your actions have caused us surprise and confusion.

We understood you to be a loyal Coventry RFC fan who regularly supports the club and attend games, As you are aware, we took over the club last august and it was clear that there were a number of problems we had to retify for the future benefit of the club. However there are those who do not seem to want this to happen and we must seek to protect what is one of the oldest and most famous clubs in england.

With this in mind as a consequence of your recent actions, i feel unforunately i only have one course of action and that is from this date forward to request that until further notice you have no formal relationship with the club. I would ask that you refain from attending games, functions or meetings.

I am sorry the situation has to come to this:however i must protect the future of the club.

Yours sincerley


Online petition - Unfair banning from Coventry Rugby Club

Update: Coventry have responded to this story.