A Dog's Breakfast

David Hewlett's film, A Dog's Breakfast, has a DVD release in the US (as of September) - and it's already at number 15 from pre-release sales alone. Unfortunately, as I write there are no plans for an International release. This is rather annoying, and David Hewlett is unhappy. Don't make him angry... (Hmm. Hewlett as Dr. David Banner....)

Now, I'm really annoyed, as I missed being able to get to a UK screening by one day, and I've been following this film for some while. Now, they won't even sell me a DVD? Ptch!

I've emailed playusa, and got the standard 'we put things on the site when we are given info from the distributor. It would have been nice of them to ask the distributor... I've had no reply from amazon.co.uk.