Voting in the UK

I've just been to vote in the local elections. We have three major parties in the UK, plus some others - and I had a choice of two parties (each fielding several candidates, it was a 'pick four' for one ballot and 'pick two' for the other).

What annoyed me was that at the door of the building there were two campaigners, who, in quite a forthright way, asked for my voter registration number. This presumably allows them to hassle people later on. It was actually quite offputting, and if I was a floating voter could have made me swing the other way - the last thing I wanted was politicos at the last minute.

Apparently the rules have just changed so they can do this on the way in (it used to be just on the way out).

In my opinion, no campaigner should be allowed to be within 100yds of the building if they've anything visible which identifies them as such, or if they behave in a way that makes their affiliations clear. It just wasn't too comfortable.

My attitude is 'Sorry, I'm off to vote now.... I don't want people hassling me as I go'