New England Shirt with dwarfed Rose?

It's been announced that England have a new Rugby Union shirt:

While football clubs have long used frequent changes of kit and the cult popularity of the away strip as a means of boosting revenue streams, rugby union, which went professional only 11 years ago, has fought shy of such commercial devices. Until now, that is. Nike's new jersey will retain England's traditional white but will feature prominently the red cross of England's patron saint.

It will dwarf the red rose badge, a symbol that has graced the shirt ever since the Rugby Football Union chose a team of Englishmen to face the best that Scotland could muster in the first rugby international in Edinburgh 136 years ago.


Dwarfing the red rose? That's what makes an England shirt what it is! I don't think I'll be tempted.

Extra: The BBC has a history of England shirts