Further thoughts on ID cards

Tim Worstall points out the following (something which I thought was pretty obvious when I posted the other day, but he's right, it does need pointing out - there are people out there who don't want to pay for ID cards, but don't mind if the government pays... this is a similar argument.

The Government says much of the cost will be recouped from charges for combined biometric passports and ID cards which will be introduced next year. These are predicted to cost £93 but this may have to rise to £100 or the taxpayer will have to meet the additional expense.

As, in this case, the "taxpayer" and "ID card holder" will be the same group, whether the money's raised by a charge or from the general revenue doesn't really make much difference, does it?

The ID card scheme is especially worrying when they can't even manage a database of junior doctors without putting it online (source)