50% don't know about smoking ban

With the smoking ban due to come into force, some 50% of people do not know the date. I wonder, how many of these are non-smokers?

Personally, I knew it was coming, but as a non-smoker I've not taken much notice of the date.

Surely the relevant figure is how many smokers and business owners know about the ban?

My opinion of the thing? Slightly fence sitting. Whilst I've not got a problem with people who want to smoke, I do object if it's in an environment where non-smokers only have the options of putting up with it or leaving.

I see nothing wrong with the option of creating a 'smoking friendly room' in a pub, leaving the rest of the area smoke free. (A no-smoking area with no physical containment of smoke isn't an option). The legislation doesn't allow for a 'smoking friendly room' as I understand things, and so it goes too far in my view.

I'm not supportive of the view that 'it's my right to smoke wherever I please' - as other people should have the right NOT to smoke - and this should take priority. The one exception to this is in the home of a smoker. Obviously, the home-owner's views take priority.