Drinking Ban for Under 15s?

Alcohol concern is recommending that parents be prosecuted for giving their children alcohol before the age of 15. The law as it stands is that this is legal within the confines of the home. In the UK, alcohol may be bought at 18.

Whilst it is true that we see children drinking in public, this law change will not address that issue - as this is already illegal. Making alcohol 'forbidden' will increase it's attractiveness. If we really want to tackle the binge drinking culture, then a more continental model is the way to go. In france, it is commonplace to have a glass of wine with a meal, and the children often have some diluted wine - why would we criminalise this?

There may be an argument for criminalising the rare parent who says 'here's a bottle of vodka, go and get pissed' - but the proposed law change would also criminalise the parent who is trying to educate their children and avoid binge drinking at the age of 18.

The law change could be counter-productive, as instead of reducing binge drinking, when inevitably children do get their hands on the alcohol they'll drink a lot of it in a short time - and that'll become the norm for them.

Update at 13:10 - there is another article on the bbc site

I understand that some teenagers are going out and binge drinking in town centres, but parents who let their kids do that won't care about a law anyway.

All the law would do is stop responsible parents from trying to educate their children.

It would infantilise parents. It's just silly.