No Grand Slam this year

Thanks to England's 26-18 victory over France, there will be no Grand Slam winner in 2007. Far more to the point is that the Six Nations is wide open. All three games matter next week. In the England-France game, Geraghty played a blinder, and I'm happy that it looks like he'll be on International duty when Wasps play Irish next week, the run which resulted in a try from Tindall was wonderful. Additionally Mike Catt acquitted himself well. Quin's David Strettle looked good too.

The Six Nations as of 11th March ‘07
1 France 4 3 0 1 109 67 6
2 Ireland 4 3 0 1 98 60 6
3 England 4 3 0 1 101 88 6
4 Italy 4 2 0 2 70 96 4
5 Scotland 4 1 0 3 76 107 2
6 Wales 4 0 0 4 59 95 0

Next week, we see Italy vs. Ireland, France vs. Scotland and then Wales vs. England

Ireland, France and England all have a shot at the championship.

The Ireland game a few weeks ago looked like a dead cert for Ireland. I still think they'll win it, but it's not as easy a bet as it once was - Italy have played well in the past couple of games. So, I think it'll be an Irish win, but I'll be hoping for Italy.

With France vs. Scotland, a French win should be the result, but I'll be hoping for Scotland.

With England vs. Wales, and English win should happen, and it's the result I want - however, there is nothing set in stone until the final whistle.

Considering where England were going into these championships, it's remarkable to still be in the running, even with this tenuous grip on the situation.

If memory serves, in the event of a draw in the points, it goes to the points difference from the game.

Let's assume that the winners of these matches are Ireland, France and England.

France are currently on a points difference of 41, Ireland are on 38 and England 13. This means that if those three countries all win, England must have a margin that is at least 28 points more than the French, or 25 more than the Irish.

It's a big ask, and we need a lot to go England's way for that to happen. The ideal is for both France and Ireland to lose, and for England to win - or for England to win by a huge margin.

Or both.

Come on Italy! Come on Scotland! Seize the Spoon, Wales!