Italy vs. Wales timeline

These times taken from the clip on youtube (some may be a little off), from yesterday's controversial game 78:22 Sergio Parisse named MotM 78:34 Lineout 78:41 J. Thomas brought down 78:54 Ball passed down line 79:00 Welsh get ball out of another ruck 79:05 ... and again 79:15 and again 79:23 Welsh brought down 79:36 Penalty awarded 79:53 Ref asks how long to go (didn't make out when player asked) 79:58 Do it now, ten seconds (ironically taking a chunk of those 10 secs) 80:00 Clock goes red. Kick taken. Ball not in touch when kick taken 80:15 Welsh not formed up for lineout yet 80:20 Gets something from his timekeeper, Whistle.

If there are comments, please use the thread on yesterday's controversial game.