Income Tax reduced

It's Budget day, and Brown has announced that the basic rate of income tax to fall from 22p to 20p from April next year. April next year.... now... 'Tony' should be out of office by then, and someone else should be PM....

Or is it too cynical of me to even think such thoughts?

Additional: Reading the other articles, it looks like the lower rate band is vanishing (if memory serves there is a band in the 10s of percent, before you get to the basic rate). This could mean people on lower incomes have to pay more. The thresholds are increasing in line with inflation. The net effect is something that increases the tax paid by people on low income reducing tax for many basic rate taxpayers.

It seems that Brown has sussed that he needs to woo middle England as, roughly speaking, the poor aren't going to vote Tory, and he can rely on their vote if he puts a red rosette on the nearest inanimate object.