David Hewlett's film

Reading around Stargate news, I found that David Hewlett has produced a film called 'A Dog's Breakfast', it was filmed using the Atlantis cameras, props etc - and a lot of the cast! Christopher Judge is also in it, apparently. It's a lot easier to make a low budget movie when you can borrow a film studio! It does look good, though, and with the borrowed cast there's a ready made group of people who will want to see it. David Hewlett blogs on the film's site too.

So far the voting on IMDB gives it 9.7 out of 10, which is pretty good (how many of those will have seen it?) The trailer does look good, but unfortunately I don't know about a UK release date. That reminds me, I never got to see Emma Caulfield's 'Bandwagon' either. I do hope this one does find it's way to DVD!