Cash For Honours

It must be serious, Tony is giving an interview to the 'Today' programme tomorrow at 8:10am.. It's rare enough that he gives interviews, even rarer that it's 'Today'. They're asking for questions which can be put to Mr. Blair.

I submitted several, including 'Do you still enjoy the confidence of the public, Prime Minister?' and 'Is it important that an honours system is not only fair, but is seen to be fair?'. I also asked about electoral reform (as promised in 1997, and forgotten when Labour found that a majority of seats was rather nice) and about the inbalance in the Union due to the West Lothian question. I expect that these will not be addressed, although I can only hope. I also would like to know why it seems so much rarer for a PM to give an interview these days as compared to previous PMs....

The interview should be downloadable for about a week after the event.

My local radio station was doing a 'Cash for Honours' quiz yesterday. The idea is that you'd phone in and get a fiver for every honour you could list. People were citing GCSEs in woodwork and 100m swimming badges from scouts. Quite amusing, in it's way.