Kylie - Showgirl Tour

Last night we saw Kylie Minogue at the Wembley Arena on her 'Showgirl: Homecoming' tour. First the downsides, the tickets were quite expensive, and the merchandise was prohibitively so - they were asking 15 quid for a programme and 50 quid for a hoodie! Bring the price down and you'd sell bucketloads more. The Arena staff themselves were not adding to the ambience of the evening. As we entered a woman took my water bottle and without a word of explanation removed and discarded the lid (why? - I did later find out, but there are ways... it was to prevent the bottle being hurled whilst heavy) At one of the outlets I was brusquely told to 'queue on that side', to which I pointed out that I was the only person in the queue and would the guy please serve me.

On the upside, the show was fantastic (and as I write there are still a few tickets available in the UK). That woman knows her stuff, she knows her audience and she gives them what they want. She knows she's in the 'Gay Icon' category, and so not only is the show very camp, but she opens the second half with 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'. The show is full of camp and kitsch, and that's fine.

She also likes to 'mix up' her repertoire a bit, 'Come into my world' got a lovely treatment, and 'The Locomotion' got what could probably best be described as a sultry cabaret type of mix.

She covered Madonna's 'Vogue', and started on 'The Only Way is Up' before merging that into the inevitable 'I should be so Lucky' - and 'especially for you' was done as a giant karaoke.

One disappointment was 'Kids' - I would have hoped that both Robbie Williams and Kylie would have filmed video which could be used in each others' shows. It would have been cool to see Robbie back projected duetting with Kylie! Within a few lines, this was forgotten and we enjoyed the song.

The backing singers were fantastic, and should be congratulated - they could almost have carried the musical side of things without Kylie.

The staging was very impressive indeed, the backing of the stage was a giant set of screens made up of millions of lights. The colours of which could be individually controlled. This allowed the whole look and feel of the set to be changed instantly, and for video to be displayed on the screens. It worked really well.

There was a live video feed to two giant screens to the side of the stage - which unfortunately were not sighted too well (one was partially obscured by speakers from one angle, and the other hard to see over the heads of people). The technology exists to allow people to order a DVD copy of THEIR show (even a copy burned on the night) - I was hoping for that, but unfortunately it didn't seem available.

Showgirl - Homecoming LiveA CD is coming out in a couple of days, recorded at Sydney (with Bono duetting for 'Especially for You').