Rambert Dance Company

Last night, Monica and I went to see The Rambert Dance Company at Woking. When I say the word, 'see' I used that advisably. Monica says it was good. I'm afraid to say that I fell asleep, it's been a long week.

I did see bits of it though, it was pretty, it was athletic, but it was all about the movement; There was no overriding narrative but there were narrative elements. For example, in Lady into Fox', we see members of the hunt at a party. The hostess turns into a fox. The husband is concerned by this, understandably. She's then hunted.

I think the three pieces we saw were 'Stand and Stare', 'Lady into Fox' and 'Constant Speed'.

Whilst I really enjoyed seeing the Northern Ballet and the Bolshoi, the Rambert didn't keep my attention - as evidenced by my snooziness. The audience did give it a big round of applause at the end - which woke me up.

I feel like such a philistine!