Goat Challenge

There is a town in Sweden where every year they erect a giant straw goat, and every year, sometimes within hours, someone comes along and burns it down To my mind there are several solutions

1) Fireproof your goat 2) Stop putting up the goat (but then the arsonists win) 3) Embrace the tradition, guard the goat, and then have a goatburning party.

I'd go with option three, but they're going for option 1, this time making sure that the fireproofing is waterproof (in a previous year they fireproofed it, but it then rained and the goat burned down soon thereafter).

Unfortunately, rather than just quietly fireproofing, they've issued a statement:

"No-one is going to get our goat this year," says a local spokeswoman with confidence.

Is it just the way my brain works, or does that sound like someone is throwing down the gauntlet?

There is a goatcam - and as I write it's still unburned.

This is a goat with some serious bad luck though, on last year's article we get a brief history of the goat:

  • 1966: The first goat is burned down - beginning the tradition
  • 1970: It is set on fire six hours after being erected
  • 1971: Tired of arson, the project is abandoned. Schoolchildren build a miniature. It is smashed to pieces.
  • 1976: A car crashes into the goat
  • 1979: The goat is burned down before it is finished
  • 1987: The goat is treated with fire-proofing - but still goes up in smoke