End of OU on TV

The OU on TV is no more. What a shame. I used to love those programmes on a sunday morning (at least, I think that's when I saw them). Some guy discussing something quite complex. They took you through the topic assuming intelligence, but without assuming knowledge, and one could get a long way even as a casual viewer.

Yes, they lacked cool - but so what? That wasn't the job! They were discussing something interesting, and you never knew what you were going to get. I used to like the mathematical ones with some model of a surface that had been constructed as a visual aid.

Now the OU is moving to DVD, the transmissions have stopped. For a while the OU has (rightly) looked into wider programming, and slicker programming (debatable) and that means the programmes produced in the 70s have faded away - but these older programmes have some really good stuff in them.

They're going to sit in an archive now and fester.

I'd love to see them moved to DVD and made available for a modest sum (or ideally, made available in a format that can be downloaded and saved locally). A reasonable price point might be 10 to 15 quid for the programmes which supported a maths course, for example.

Yes, they've got comic value in the dress sense of the presenters, but that's how people looked in the 70s! Once past that, and once used to the different style of delivery, they're fantastically rich sources of information. Some of the Physics programmes, whilst cheesy, are very good indeed.

Unfortunately, modern productions often replace (instead of enhance) substance with glitz - and are poorer for it.