Barack Obama

It's odd how one can be in complete ignorance of something, and then all of a sudden several references are seen. On the BBC website today I saw an article about Barack Hussein Obama, and then in the newspapers - essentially this guy could be a serious contender for the democratic nomination in 2008.

Now, I do some random browsing at home and come across a story about how he had a joke at a reporter's expense and essentially embarrassed him in front of an intern that the reporter was trying to impress.

He took the time to ring up the reporter to apologise (the call was taped, reporters do that sort of thing). The call was played on an NPR show called 'Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me' (which seems like a sanitised HIGNFY for americans from the 60 seconds that I've looked at it!)

The guy said 'Man, I am calling to publicly apologize for messin" up your game. I felt terrible. I didn't know there were any ladies around.' --- I'm not too sure about the 'publicly' part. How did he know it was not going to be a private call?

Regardless of the ins and outs, it's interesting how I'd never heard of this guy this morning, but have now seen him in at least three different places today (including on a website which I'm pretty sure doesn't source info from UK media!)

Edit: 2008.... and he's the new president.