The Prestige

Monica and I went to see 'The Prestige' this week. Now, this is watchable, but it annoyed me immensely. I was enjoying the general direction of the film, the technical nature of the tricks, the rivalry... and then the dodgy science started.

Firstly, they had Tesla coils, now, that's not too bad (they can be impressive), but do with them what they were doing with them and you die!

Tesla coils aren't safe things.

Not only that, but (and here is a spoiler), if you put an item in an electrical discharge, you do not get a duplicate.

I liked the Christian Bale storyline, but the Hugh Jackman's storyline was so laughable it drove me mad - the energy requirements for a hat, let alone a cat or a human are incredible (and that's notwithstanding issues regarding the conservation of baryon number). Yes, a method was needed, and yes, it needed to be a desperate method.... but why not have Hugh Jackman extending the 'double' method, training up some number of doubles (say five) for a limited run, and bumping them off to stop them talking? Same creepy factor, no annoying leap of faith.

Or for a more technical solution (and one which at least doesn't run into some fundamental violations of the physical laws) he could have found some way to clone himself, and send in the clone to be transported (killing them in the process to stop them talking).

The leap of faith in the Hugh Jackman storyline was too much for me to stomach, and this alone totally spoiled the film for me.