Slava's Snow Show

On saturday, we went to see Slava's Snow Show I really don't know what to make of it, slightly disturbing clowns with big hats and a mournful different clown, apparently changing height at will, and covering the audience with cotton sheeting. Giant balloons abounded (with a 'boo' everytime someone in the balcony lost the balloon over the edge, and a cheer when it reappeared) - and clowns clambered on seats. Wind machines brought a blizzard into the theatre.

This was the weirdest thing I'd seen on stage for some time.... strike that... it was simply the weirdest thing.

I did enjoy it though.

I think.

Words for the wise:

1) Avoid going out at intermission, we came back to find clowns climbing through the audience. You have to keep an eye on these clown people... shifty.

2) At the end, when the big giant balloons come out that's the end of the show (you'll know it when you see it, and then wonder how they stored the balls backstage ready to go on). They wait there until the audience leaves. The giant balloons come out and the audience just play whilst the clowns wait... and when I say giant balloons, I mean it.

3) Given the giant balloons and a few other things, you REALLY want to sit in the stalls for this, the balcony is no substitute.

Birmingham and Bath are still on the 2006 schedule in the UK, then it goes back to the US.