West Wing - The Nightmare

As I may have mentioned one or several times, I quite like 'The West Wing'. The West Wing - Complete Seasons 1 and 2 [2001]

The West Wing - Complete Season 7It's at about this point after a season finishes that I start to anticipate the next (in this case) non existent season.

Last night, I dreamt I was watching Season 8 (the Santos Administration) - I would have loved the show to refresh itself with Vinick, but it wasn't to be. So, there I was, 'watching' the Santos whitehouse, and the Richard Schiff character, Toby Ziegler comes in (which makes no sense in the storyline). Only Richard Schiff had opted not to return to the series, so they got Tom Hanks in to replace him.

To prove his Jewish credentials in the role, Tom Hanks kept shrugging his shoulders and saying 'Oh, Vey'.

I switched off the virtual TV in disgust, and at this point woke up.

Should I be concerned?