The Hobbit

According to 'Kong is King', 'The Hobbit' is pencilled in for the summer of next year. Peter Jackson has a lot on, it seems, with Dambusters being produced, The Lovely Bones scheduled for 2007 and Halo scheduled for 2008. However, it's only on 'The Lovely Bones' that he's directing/writing. With 'Halo' he has 'executive producer' credit, I think the same is true for Dambusters.

My reading of the snippet about the Hobbit, if true (1) is that 'The Hobbit' will begin serious development once 'The Lovely Bones' is out of the door.

(1) given the obvious links that the KongIsKing site has to PJ, I don't think unsubstantiated rumours would appear there, even if they're presented as such