World Series of Poker - finals

The finals of the World Series of Poker takes place today, (the hold'em finals, that is) and one of the finalists is a particle physicist from SLAC (the Stanford Linear ACcelerator). Particle Physics was my area of interest when I did my degree. Michael Binger is in the 8th chair, almost the short stack.

He starts with a little over 3 million dollars, and with blinds on $80000 and $160000, taking a big bite from his stack if he plays conservatively.

Jamie Gold is in first chair, and many of the names I recognise aren't on the table, no Daniel Negreanu or Howard Lederer, no Chris Moneymaker and Gus Hansen doesn't seem to have entered.

Cosmic Variance (the site where I first saw this) has a nice article on probabilities in the game.