We've Seen Snakes!

We've just got back from seeing 'Snakes on a Plane'. It was damned good fun. Yes, it's not a 'clever' film, yes, the plot is there in the title, and yes, certain things are flagged up in advance (but that's half the fun... wait until people start to go to the loo!)

Yes, the snakes are sometimes unrealistic (toothy constrictors and occasional problems with the cgi).

None of this matters. The film was really enjoyable. It was funny (and once it made me jump).

In addition it had snakes. They were on a plane.

Sam Jackson was the 'brother from another mother', and he had had it with those motherfucking snakes on that motherfucking plane.

It's a damned sight better than 'Miami Vice' - but then that's not saying much. If you're trying to decide between these films there is no contest. It has to be Snakes.

And remember. Time is Tissue.

Teaser Trailer

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Samuel L Jackson is getting a real snake theme going, his next film is Black Snake Moan with Christina Ricci.