It's time to link to something I've been fiddling with on and off for some time. I present the 'UK Political Blog' or 'UKPoliBlog'. Essentially it collects feeds from a variety of sources (always linking to the original) and presents them in a format which provides a 'cross section' of the news.

Each column is by, or about, a particular party. The three main UK parties have their own columns, the fourth column is everything else.

Things missing:

  1. An obvious way to suggest feeds
  2. A master RSS feed (I can't see a straightforward way to preserve the 'cross section' concept)
  3. There are precious few feeds for some columns (e.g. official labour rss feeds, feeds about minor parties, etc)
  4. Some of the feeds don't validate as the source feeds don't correctly encode & as & - I can't find an automatic way to fix that
  5. I would also like to automatically remove old items from the database once they fall off the main page. I have no idea how to do this.

Any suggestions/comments?