Royal Mail

So, the Royal Mail are revising their postage prices. It's no longer going to be based upon weight, but also size. There will be a surcharge for items thicker than 5mm (thus making it more expensive to post things like DVDs). Large and light items will likely be much more expensive (e.g. poster tubes).

They say that only 20% of mail will be more expensive, but there is also added hassle - I can no longer just shove a stamp on a birthday card with a thick badge in case it's thicker than 5mm.

The prices will rise at the lighter and thicker end of the scale.

The trouble with a size based scheme is what happens for something slightly squashy, if it puffs out a bit en route does the addressee have to pay a surcharge, will posties have calipers? At least with the mass-only system this was pretty definitive.

If they don't handle the price changes well, they've got the potential to become quite unpopular.

Coupled with this, the post office is to stop selling TV licences - guaranteed to annoy the 'direct debits are evil' brigade.