Miami Vice

Last night we went to see 'Miami Vice', the new Colin Farrell film (the other half of the duo was Jamie Foxx, but he's not as immediately recognisable to me). The first impression of the film was that the quality of the camerawork was poor, especially on night scenes - the quality of the shots were grainy. Also, there was lots of handheld camera work which was jerky beyond belief - at times each frame seemed to bear only a passing resemblence to the one before, removing the sensation of movement and replacing it with the sensation of being shown lots of badly framed photographs in quick succession.

It seemed like every character in the film had to have some sort of sex scene. Yes, they all 'paid off' in the plot, but I thought they were quite overdone, it got to the point of 'oh, they're taking their kegs off too'.

The effects were rather inconsistant, quite a few people were shot and killed, and the wounds varied between the spectacular, and the couple of small red marks on the skull.

At points early on in the film it was rather disjointed, people seemed to jump from one situation to another with little to connect the two. The overall plot was pretty straightforward though, your basic 'cops pretend to be bad guys then arrest the bad guys'.

Not a bad film by any means, but it's probably better to see it on the small screen when the camerawork doesn't play havok with the peripheral vision, and the film grain isn't the size of a man's fist.