Jackie Brown

We settled down tonight to watch the Quentin Tarantino film, Jackie Brown. Now, for many people, Jackie Brown is surpassed by Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction, but for me, though I like these films, I prefer Jackie Brown.

The other films are higher tempo, but Jackie Brown has it's own rhythm and style, we can hang out with Pam Grier and Sam Jackson as Ordell. We can hang with Louis (Robert de Niro) and Melanie (Bridget Fonda). Robert Forster as Max Cherry is excellent value.

One doesn't really 'hang' with Michael Keaton in the film, Ray Nicolette is too straight laced. Keaton's good in the film and he played the same role in 'Out of Sight', another Elmore Leonard novel. (Jackie Brown is based on 'Rum Punch', which itself was discussed on this month's radio 4 bookclub)

The film is slow to develop, and we get time to appreciate the world. I've a fondness for 'heist' movies, at least ones that are well done, and this one is so it's right up my street. The first time I saw Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction was fresh in my mind, so I wasn't sure about it. However, each time I see it, I enjoy it more.

... and let's face it, the opening sequence with Pam Grier walking through LAX is just cool.

I'm not sure about the next project, 'Grind House', this is a film broken into two parts. One part is by Tarantino, and the other by Robert Rodriguez. I've never really got into Robert Rodriguez's films, hence my uncertainty. Without reservation I'm looking forward to 'Inglorious Bastards', Tarantino's WW2 epic. It's been on the cards for what seems like so long now, every so often I look it up on imdb, but every time there seems to be no change.