ITV Unwatchable

At last, they've noticed. An ITV executive has been quoted as saying that the channel 'is putting people off'. Personally, I cannot remember the last time I watched anything on ITV. Generally the channel has contained lowest common denominator rubbish, and has left me cold.

The trouble they will have if they do manage to put worthwhile things on there - how will people know?

They want to have new series of 'Cracker' and 'Prime Suspect' - these are not terribly likely to bring a new audience. Channel 5 have the same issue, they put some good films on, but as a rule people just don't think to look at the channel (I like CSI, but hardly ever see it as it's on five). I'm like this with ITV, but it's a great big blind spot. They might start to put great stuff there, but after so many years of rubbish I'm unlikely to notice unless something really big happens to catch my attention.