Get a Call from Samuel L. Jackson

On the Snakes on a Plane website, one can sign up to get a phone call from a virtual Sam Jackson (outside the US, the audio can only go by email). Here's the direct link. I created a call for Monica, and here it is!

Searching around, I see this got a mention a few days back over at Snakes on a Blog

I've included links to the various Snakes Goodness below. Enjoy!

This first one is a rather loud Fan Produced Video:

Next is the Music Video, with a guest spot from Sam Jackson:

Now for an official Trailer:

... the next one up is the Teaser Trailer

Next we have what is one of the best trailers (in my opinion) - it's simple and elegant, and tongue in cheek:

Then another fan produced trailer

Sam Jackson hi-jacks the MTV Movie Awards

Finally, Snake Safety on Aircraft