Domain Forging

Some nasty person is forging my domain when sending out spam, due to the sheer volume of bounce messages I've had to set some lesser used incoming email addresses to :fail: Unfortunately, there's little I can do, the email never came from a machine under my control - it's trivially easy to fake a 'from' address. Also the the forged address varies dramatically so I can't just block that - and there doesn't seem to be anything standard in the bounce messages that I can kill.

If you're at this site as you've received said spam, my apologies - it wasn't me. Honest. While you're here, please feel free to have a look around.

Please examine the headers closely and get their real account canned!

I don't see the full headers often, as often they are cut from the bounce messages, and most of the time it's all I can do simply to seperate these bounces from the real email I'm getting.