I've just been to see Pixar's 'Cars'. It's a nice little film, a bit weaker than their previous offerings, I thought, it's at the 'Bugs Life' and of things rather than 'The Incredibles' or 'Toy Story'. Also, the short, 'One Man Band' wasn't to the same calibre as 'For the Birds'

There were some really nice touches, Jeremy Clarkson as the voice of 'Harv', the fact that the car was named 'McQueen' (a nod to Steve?) and so forth. The race sequences were really well done, Lightning McQueen's drive in the country with the Porsche was an incredible piece of work - they got the scenery down to a T. In places I felt that I recognised bits and pieces from my honeymoon, we drove in Utah, Nevada and Arizona.

It was a good film, but it wasn't as great as a pixar film can be, but then, they have set themselves very high standards. I've been thinking about why, and it's hard to put my finger on it, but I think it was not satisfying as it was rather 'by the numbers'.

Big shot in hick town. Big shot rails against the town. Big shot grows to love the town.

It was by the numbers, and, thinking back, I can't remember a chuckle (until the end credits). With Toy Story (and Toy Story 2), I can remember the gags well (Buzz, *I* am your father). The same is true of 'The Incredibles' ('Edna Mole.........andguest'), Finding Nemo ('Keep on swimming.. swimming... swimming....')

With 'Cars' I'm struggling to remember if there were gags in the film.

That's not to say that it's not a good film, it's perfectly fine. It goes along nicely, it tells the story, it's just not great.

Oh, I said that already.

I get the sense that I may be in the minority, though I'm not alone.

I do remember the gags in the end credits though.

It's a wonder that as soon as the first credits roll everyone heads for the door. It's a pixar film for crying out loud. I think it was only 'The Incredibles' which didn't use the end sequence for more goodness.

Half of the audience missed 'Toy Car Story' (You... are... a.... toy.... car!) and 'Monster Cars Inc', I can't recall what the gag was there, I was too amused at seeing Mike Wachowski as a one eyed car. There was a nice running gag with John Ratzenberger... ah yes... abominable.

I was the only one in the cinema for the post credit return of the touring couple.

I don't understand people who race for the exit, sure, much of the time all they're missing are the credit, but occasionally you get a treat ('Chicken Run' was good for this) - and in any event, it's a nice relaxed way to finish. The one time in recent memory I left early was for the X-Men film, and I missed the post-credit teaser.

For 'Cars' the end credits were my favourite bits.

The pre-film trailers were animation filled. There was the new Aardman film, 'Flushed Away', I didn't find myself terribly excited by it. Ratatouille looked good though (and better than 'Cars' looked a year ago). There was also some other animated effort, but I can't even remember the vague topic of the film.

Oh, for people watching the credits, the voice of 'Mater' was 'Larry the Cable Guy'. Now, I thought this was just some guy who walked into Pixar to fix something and they grabbed him for the voice, but no. Larry the Cable guy is a US comic.