Bookcrossing weirdness

For some time, I've not been able to access Bookcrossing from home. This has been inaccessible for me essentially all year. I've tried it with two different machines, and two different routers (I changed from an IPCop box a month or two back as it had got corrupted, and so I got a plugin linksys job).

Today I remembered bookcrossing, and found I couldn't get to it. I wondered if the site might have close, so, on the offchance I ssh'd to the server, and used 'lynx' to see if I could access bookcrossing. Success. I then decided to ping and from home, no problems.

It's just that I'm not seeing it in a browser. I've even tried (spit) MSIE in case it was something in Firefox.

What could be happening here? The site is working (as shown by lynx), and I can ping it directly, but no browser at home wants to talk to it.

I'd need to double check, but I am able to see it from work, so at least the laptop is capable of displaying it.

I've sent the following to NTL, let's see how they do:

I *think* there is an error somewhere on your servers (ISP proxy?)

In short, for some time (months) I've cannot access at home (using the same machine at work I can.

I know the site is available, as I have ssh'd out to an account I have on a remote machine, and using lynx I can access the site.

From home, I can 'ping' - I just can't use a browser to get to it (I've tried two machines, and two browsers on each machine). This seems to imply that the problem isn't the DNS.

I have no problems with other sites, and to reiterate, one of the machines I'm using is a laptop, and CAN see this site via a non NTL connection.

The only thing I can think of at the moment, is that there is a cache at the ISP, which has a corrupt entry for this site - or that has put a block on the whole of the NTL IP block.....

Either way, it's nothing I can fix at my end.

Whilst I'm here, I know I have a pop account with you (I don't currently use it, as I've accounts elsewhere). I think it may be a good idea to try and recover the username/password. Please could you consider this as a request for password recovery? I think the username is ******* (or similar, it will probably be on my account record)