Big Brother

So, Big Brother, that abomination of 'popular' culture is over for another year. By and large it's passed me by, Channel 4 and related channels become so devoted to the programme that it has virtually nothing else worth watching, so I forget all about the channels until the autumn. The West Wing - Complete Season 1The West Wing - Complete Season 7With the exception of 'The West Wing' (which is now over, and I'm now eagerly awaiting both Studio 60 and my West Wing season 7 DVD).

In addition, as I don't read the tabloids, the whole phenomenon has largely passed me by. Bliss. Occasionally there has been a headline spotted in a newsagent, or on the BBC News website (why?) but for the most part, blissful ignorance.

I can't think of a single worse piece of television than watching a bunch of housebound nobodies getting bored at each other...

Despite knowing basically nothing about it this year, I was aware that it was going on through these peripheral glimpses - and the whole phenomenon seemed to go on for longer this year. Did they have double the people, or simply was the coverage that I caught in my peripheral vision simply that much more tiresome?

No, on second thoughts, please don't give me details.

Why am I mentioning it at all, in that case?

Well, I was browsing the BBC news website and came across this gem in a talkback on the programme of brain-death:

"For every fan there must be ten people who think it's like watching paint dry."

Jim - I've spent the last 2 months in a research lab and haven't watched a single episode of Big Brother. I am, however, studying the evaporation of dyed liquids. I can honestly say that the drying of paint is a much more fascinating and beautiful process than Big Brother ever will be.

It would probably also get more viewers.