A quiet day in Kolkata

See previous and next. Date: 28th December 2005 Place: Kolkata

A bus on AJC Bose Rd, KolkataThe 28th was a quiet day, both Monica and I were struck with diarrhea (not literally I hasten to add) and so we spent much of the morning at the hotel. By mid afternoon I was feeling better and went to stretch my legs.

I went along AJC Bose Rd for a bit, then turned into Lord Sinha road and into the Emami Shoppers City - a quieter and cleaner New Market.

On the top floor is a store called 'Landmark', which is primarily an English Language bookshop, with some Hindi and Bengali. It also sells stationary, DVDs, VCDs and CDs. I got four DVDs including three films by Satyajit Ray.

Victoria Memorial, KolkataAn illuminated Peacock at Millennium Park, KolkataAt about half past four, Anupam appeared at the hotel and we both felt confident enough to go out. We went to the Victoria Memorial and walked around the gardens there, again, we didn't go in. From there we went up to Millennium Park, a new section had just opened. Millennium Park is a long thin park on the banks of the Hooghly. At night, the Howrah bridge looked like a suspension bridge, the lights on it made it look delicate, and one could not see the iron girder structure. Millennium Park was full of life, people around, a band playing - generally a nice spot.

We ate at the flat (mostly through politeness, neither of us felt well) - and the meal included some boiled green banana to settle the stomach.

Back at the hotel we found that neither of us felt as settled as we'd have hoped. We took some medication and crossed our fingers for the next day...