ID Card Delay

Yesterday was a horrible day for the UK government. For me, the best piece of news was that the ID card implementation would be delayed until after the next general election. This follows Whitehall leaks on the issue.

The ID card system will be an expensive one, and will do little to prevent terror (the July 7th bombers would have been card carrying).

This doesn't mean the the ID campaigners can relax, but it does give hope that there could be a change of government (or a hung parliament) prior to the policy being implemented.

In addition: The case of the imbalance in the US/UK extradition treaty seems to be hitting the public consciousness (it's been bubbling along for a while, for example, Boris Johnson has written on this topic).

Also: The long touted first merger of police forces has hit the rocks. This has caused The Safety Eleph... Charles Clarke to hit out at John Reid (his successor).

Finally: The Energy Review was announced. I've a lot of sympathy with the government here, as they're between a rock and a hard place. Announce nuclear and you get lots of protest (often from people who don't understand it, sometimes from those who do). Announce not-nuclear and you get lots of people worried about energy security and CO2 emissions. Announce a big increase in renewables and you have people protesting about wind farms. It's a lose-lose scenario. What is clear, is that we need to move away from fossil fuels, and the sooner we start to do this, the less painful it will be when we have to make the switch.

A horrendus dies for Tony and Pals?

Personally, I've been re-watching 'Yes Minister' and 'Yes Prime Minister'. Scary how relevant it all seems!