Christmas in Kolkata

See previous and next. Date: Christmas Day Place: Kolkata

Fast Food, Indian StyleWe spent Christmas day in Kolkata at a place called Nicco park, a little way out of town, past Science City. This is an amusement park, with lots of the usual sorts of rides, dodgems, a small roller coast, a water slide and so forth. It really is a place for the locals (not that Kolkata had masses of tourists to start with). I certainly was the only european I saw all day, and people kept waving at me. In Kolkata itself later in the week people kept coming up to me saying 'Nicco Park! Nicco Park!'

It didn't help that on the boating-dodgems (sort of rubber tyres with outboard motors), mine broke down, providing much amusement to the Bengali picnickers by the side of the lake - all I could do was smile and wave.

The fast food here was excellent, the guy made a curry straight on the hot plate, and it was delicious.

Anupam and I both went on the water slide, and arrived at the bottom dripping wet. No problem though, it was a warm day.

Christmas MealOur Christmas meal back at the flat was a chicken curry dish, and very nice it was too.

In the evening we gave out the gifts we had brought with us. We'd saved them as we were worried that they may be refused, and we wanted to be able to fall back on 'it's Christmas day' if we had to. In the evening we were to meet one of Monica's cousins at the hotel, so we rushed back. Whilst waiting (he never appeared) we had Terminator 3 on the TV, the Kumars at No. 42 and Desperate Housewives! An unexpected selection!