TMA 3 results for L120

I've got my TMA 3 result back, and an quite amazed to see that it's 78%. Why amazed? Well, I'm a LONG way behind on the course, a long way. I'll be relying upon a block of time I have coming to get up to date, but it'll be tough. The TMA was the result of lots of bookwork.

The previous pieces scored 90 and 78 with a weighting of 15% each, this one is weighted as 35%. This means that I have 52.5% for my coursework so far (with 35% to play for)

The Coursework is worth 50% overall, with 50% coming from the End of Course Assessment in September.

I'm still undecided about whether to press ahead with L211, or to change direction - a non language course would be easier for me to schedule. I need L211 at some point if I'm to gain the BA I have my eye on.