The World Cup and the England Flag

Flag of England and St. George So, it's time for the world cup to start, and everywhere is adorned with England flags, the St. George Cross.

This is fine and dandy, nothing wrong with that. Reclaim the flag from the far right and all that. The flag-waving even provoked a debate on the West Lothian question on Newsnight (though the Scot MP seemed rather disingenuous to me, the phrase 'having your cake....' sprung to mind).

In all of this flagwaving, one phenomenon worries me....

... why do some people feel the need to fly the flag with the word 'England' across the horizontal red stripe. I mean, don't they know? In related news, people have been warned not to fly the English flag in Wales, why is it that there has never been a need to warn against flying the Scottish or Welsh flag in England?