RSS - Live it, use it, love it!

It's been a little while since I mentioned RSS. The title is rather corny, but once you're using RSS you will wonder how you managed to keep up with things before. RSS is a pretty easy to use thing, many websites use it. It allows you to keep track of many sites in one place. In fact, I find that the vast majority of the sites I use utilise RSS, from Flickr to the BBC News, from to Slashdot.

To use RSS, you first need an RSS reader. One of the easiest is bloglines. You need to create an account on the website to continue.

Alternatively, you could use 'Live Bookmarks' in Firefox or Thunderbird, or one of the many other programs out there.

The next step is to copy the address of the RSS feed into your reader of choice. Look for the RSS feed on the site. this is often a little orange button.

Entries Feed

Quite often, clicking on the link will launch your feedreader, you may need to right click and 'copy the link'.

Paste it into your feedreader (sometimes called an aggregator).

Updates to the site now come straight to your desktop.

Some sites, are even nice enough to provide single click buttons for popular aggregators, though these do assume that you have an account with that service. You don't need these special buttons if you're using that service, all you need is the feed link, there will be somewhere to paste that link when you log in to your reader.

Subscribe with BloglinesAdd to GoogleAdd to My Yahoo!Of course, I've been nice enough to supply direct links for some of the popular choices!

On this site, there are RSS feeds for comments, comments on individual articles, categories (you might want to get just the UK politics, without the day to day stuff, for example) and so forth.

Don't forget to click through to the sites from time to time to add comments to articles!