Group E and F (Australia/Japan - USA/Czech Republic)

We listened to Australia/Japan on the radio as we were on a trip today. With us was an Australian. 84 minutes in, and they were one-nil down. The vast majority of those around us were supporting Japan to bait the Aussie.... Then one-all, then two-one.... then three?! Incredible comeback. Even with the win, there's Brazil to face.... lots of Aussies will be rooting for Croatia tomorrow!

It's now 70 minutes into USA vs Czechoslovakia, and the USA are 2 nil down, they will have to pull a feat of similar proportions to pull it back from the brink. With Italy still to face, the USA could be in severe trouble.

Speaking of the USA in football, in the UK the games are shared between BBC and ITV. The ITV games are sponsored by 'You do the football, we'll do the beer' Budweiser (the US version, not the Czech version). The ITV budweiser trailers are quite amusing, there was one the other day where one A-merkin sports commentator turned to the other and said 'Hey, there are other countries playing in this world cup thing....' (a reference, no doubt, to the World Series of Baseball). (Some of the commentator guys can currently be seen on the US Bud site.

Ooops.... USA has gone 3-0 down. Game now over, it's Italy/Ghana next...